Jamaican guidelines for comprehensive sexuality education: pre-school through age 24

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120 p.

This document provides information for acquiring and forming attitudes, beliefs and values on topics such as identity, relationships and intimacy. It helps to expand understanding around HIV and AIDS, parent-child communication on sexuality, gender-based violence, child sexual abuse and forced sex, in order to improve awareness and communication around these issues. The guidelines may be used as a tool and supplemental resource for professionals to augment the Ministry of Education's Health and Family Life Education initiative in Jamaica. They also serve as a national model for comprehensive sexuality education, which will help to promote, protect and secure programmes and policies that advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. They are a valuable resource for educators, youth development and health professionals to assist them in providing important learning opportunities for young people, parents/guardians and colleagues. The purpose of this document is to offer guidance for professionals across many disciplines, providing them with information to better evaluate, develop, promote and strengthen a broad spectrum of sexuality education programmes, tools, resources and curricula. The guidelines are organized into key concepts: human development, relationships, life skills, sexual behaviour, sexual health, society and culture. Each concept is explained according to the age of the young person. Level 1: childhood, aged 4-8 years (preschool to early primary school); Level 2: pre-adolescence, aged 9-12 years (later primary school); Level 3: adolescence, aged 13-17 years (junior high/secondary schools); and Level 4: young adulthood, aged 18-24 years (technical training, college and university). The guidelines include a final chapter, "Additional Resources" for teachers, educators or curriculum developers in Jamaica. This chapter includes short presentations and contact details of Jamaican, American and global organizations dedicated to sexuality, education and the health and well-being of young people.

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