Coping skills: a facilitator's manual

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UNESCO Office Harare
81 p.

This manual comes in response to the identified need to prepare teachers to cope at indvidual level and thereafter to support their school community to cope with the burden caused by the HIV and AIDS pandemic. Several studies have shown that behaviour change is key to preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS. Behaviour change is not a superficial concept; it is one that is ingrained. Thus, for teachers to convince theirt students to adopt a more positive behaviour, they have to themselves be in a position to understand and represent what they are trying to preach. This manual has ben designed to help teachers cope with their mutiple roles arising from the new challenges that HIV and AIDS are putting on the teaching profession. It also provides skills for teachers so that they can support the huge numbers of schoolchildren affected by the pandemic. The manual has been prepared specifically for lecturers in teacher training colleges, and pre- and in-service teachers.

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