Delivering comprehensive sexuality education for out-of-school young people: country case studies on UNFPA's Global Programme on Out-of-School CSE: Nigeria

Case Studies & Research
New York
6 p.

Out-of-school CSE holds the promise of reaching those left behind. In each of the countries, locally adapted interventions consider the needs, life experiences and vulnerabilities of left-behind groups of young people. This includes young people who are vulnerable either because they cannot attend school, or because the sexuality education curriculum offered in school does not adequately address their unique needs, whether that be young key populations or a young person with a disability, a young person living with HIV, or a migrant or young person displaced by conflict or humanitarian crisis. The initiative reaches out to young people from left-behind populations using the specially developed UN International Technical and Programmatic Guidance on Out-of-school Sexuality Education. Youth engagement is an integral part of the programme, and young people are themselves meaningfully included and engaged in the design and implementation of the activities. In this Country Case studies series we present the experiences and lessons learned from UNFPA’s work at the country level implementing CSE to meet the needs of young people most left behind.

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