Funding common ground: cost estimates for international reproductive health

Advocacy Materials
Washington DC
Population Action International
42 p.
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Terrain d'entente du financement : estimations des coûts de la santé génésique dans le monde. Résumé du rapport
Búsqueda de una base común para el financiamiento: cálculos de costas para la salud reproductiva internacional. Resumen del informe

The purposes of this report are to: (1) help advocates and policymakers better understand the reproductive health cost estimates currently in circulation; (2) build advocates' and policy-makers' confidence in using estimates that reflect the specific needs they seek to address; and (3) promote more consistent use of the same numbers for the same purposes, particularly among financial requests to policy-makers including donors. Authors aim to accomplish this goal by analyzing and comparing the most frequently cited estimates, and presenting the range of current cost estimates. Analysis and comparison of costing reproductive health, family planning and maternal and newborn health reveal that current estimation are not directly comparable. The three current estimates rely on varying assumptions, interventions and users included in the costing, and ways that each presents the numbers.

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