Project H: working with young men series

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Proyecto H: serie - trabajando con hombres jóvenes
Programa H: série - trabalhando com homens jovens

This series of five manuals focuses on young men. While many initiatives have sought to empower women in addressing gender-based inequality, the needs of young men appear often to have been neglected. This manual applies a gender perspective in working with young men. It incorporates two major perspectives: gender specificity and gender equity. It seeks to engage boys and to reflect about gender inequalities, to reflect about the ways that women are often disadvantaged and have to take responsibility for childcare, sexual and reproductive health and domestic work. It looks at how boys are socialized and attemps to engage them in disucssions about risky behaviour, violence and substance abuse. The purpose of the programme is to help health educators, teachers and volunteers in working with 15 to 24-year-old men on topics such as sexuality and reproductive health, fatherhood, violence and HIV prevention, care and support. The programme manual is divided into five booklets. These are: sexuality and reproductive health (includes gender and masculinity and sexual orientation); fatherhood and caring (includes fatherhood and care with young men including adolescent parents); from violence to peaceful coexistence (includes violence and young men, violence against women and the prevention of violence); reasons and emotions (includes mental health, substance abuse and suicide); preventing and living with HIV and AIDS (includes adolescent boys, sexuality and intimate relationships, risk, men who have sex with men (MSM), condon use, STIs, violence, substance abuse and voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)). Each section contains educational activities lasting from 45 minutes to two hours for use with groups of men. With adaptations they could also be used with mixed groups. The activities have been developed and tested with young men in various places and settings.

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