Results from the School Health Policies and Practices Study 2014

Programme Reports & Evaluations
164 p.

This report provides results from the SHPPS conducted in 2014. Following a detailed Methods section, 2014 results are presented in a series of 168 tables organized around the 10 components of the WSCC model. Tables 1.1 through 10.4 provide the percentage of schools or classes with certain policies and practices in place; these results are shown separately for each school level—elementary school, middle school, and high school. For each variable, the prevalence estimate is shown along with a 95% confidence interval. Tables 11.1 through 11.12 then provide the results of trend analyses examining changes over time in selected school health policies and practices (see the Methods section for the criteria used to determine which variables are reported). Table 12.1 provides results for the 56 Healthy People 2020 objectives and sub-objectives monitored by SHPPS 2014 (6). Following the Results section is a Discussion section that highlights the key findings of the report.

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