Step by step: a guide to HIV and AIDS policy development for the education sector. Caribbean Education Sector HIV and AIDS Capacity Building Programme

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100 p.

This toolkit was developed to guide Ministries of Education, particularly in the Caribbean region, through the rapid policy development process towards a specific outcome: an effective HIV and AIDS policy for the education sector that is linked with an achievable implementation plan. The toolkit follows a clear four-step process: Step 1: Planning for policy development; Step 2: Developing the policy; Step 3: Implementing the policy; Step 4: Monitoring and evaluating the policy. Ten tools are provided to assist education sector leaders and staff in the policy cycle process, from planning to evaluation. A brief for the Minister of Education, highlighting the need for an education sector policy on HIV and AIDS, has been included as part of these guidelines. This briefing page can be a useful tool for Ministers of Education to advocate for HIV and AIDS support and funding at the national and international levels.

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