Valuing visibilty: an exploration of how sexual orientation issues arise and are addressed in post-primary schools

Case Studies & Research
NUI Maynooth
20 p.

‘Valuing Visibility: An Exploration of How Issues of Sexual Orientation Arise and Are Addressed in Post-primary Schools’ is a research project funded by the Department of Education & Science and is being undertaken by the Education Department, NUI Maynooth in partnership with GLEN – Gay and Lesbian Equality Network. The research project seeks to document positive inclusive practice being carried out by schools with a view to informing the work of the key education stakeholders in making schools safe and inclusive learning environments for lesbian, gay and bisexual students. The project has been endorsed by the National Parents Council Post-primary, the Joint Managerial Board for Secondary Schools, the Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools, the Irish Vocational Educational Association and the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals. This summary report sets out the key findings from the research process to date with a particular emphasis on the data collected through focus groups with senior school personnel and on the consultation process with the main stakeholders in education, including management, parent and teacher bodies.

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