Xrestomatija dlja uchitelja "14 poleznyx urokov"

Learning & Teaching Materials
Project Hope Russia
48 p.

This document, intended for teachers of secondary schools (grades 10-11) is part of an HIV and AIDS education programme called "useful inoculation", which was developed within the project "Healthy Russia 2020" and implemented in several schools of five Russian regions. The main aim of this programme is to develop the life skills that will allow learners to prevent from HIV and avoid drug use, and also to show empathy and support towards people living with HIV and AIDS. The present document consists in a compilation of 14 lessons taken from Project's hope drug prevention programme. It supplements the main manual ("Useful Inoculation - Educational materials on HIV/AIDS prevention for Grades 10-11. Material for the teacher") and is intended for teachers that use a manual of the project for the first time. The first five lessons are dedicated to basic information on HIV & AIDS and STI, the ways to prevent from being infected and explanations regarding HIV testing. The last lessons focus on activities young people do together and on the dangers some activities and situations present. The objective of the lessons is the development of life skills, notably to avoid peer pressure and to be able to choose healthy activities. A lesson is also dedicated to discrimination and stereotypes. Each lesson contains an objective, tasks, theory linked to the topic, a glossary and a detailed process of the lesson, including examples of interactive activities.

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