The National School Safety Framework

Policies & Strategies
120 p.

The National School Safety Framework (NSSF) was developed in order to provide an all-inclusive strategy to guide the national department as well as the provincial education departments in a coordinated effort to address the violence occurring within schools. Part A provides a conceptual framework for a common approach to school safety. It offers a common understanding of school violence, within a broader context of violence prevention and safe schools evidence-based practices. The importance of safe schools to the development of healthier communities is discussed, including the importance of risk and resilience factors, all of which are important to achieving safe schools. A common set of definitions is provided, together with an overview of a whole-school approach. Some of the common challenges that are faced by schools in achieving safety for both learners and educators are discussed, as is the role of police in achieving a safe school. Part A is followed by Part B of the Framework, comprising the manual and implementation tools. Finally, the Framework includes a series of addendums, offering discrete, stand-alone training manuals and materials that cover specific aspects of school safety.

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