Choose life: living with HIV and AIDS in our world

Learning & Teaching Materials

This document is included in the Policy Brief prepared for the UNAIDS Inter- Agency Task Team on education (to be published soon) that provides a "global snapshot" of HIV/AIDS related education material for developing countries. This education booklet, produced by Soul City, is aimed at 12-18 year olds in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. It addresses the HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-saharan Africa by positively informing adolescents about sexual behaviours in order to reduce teenage pregnancy, HIV and other STD's. It deals with a range of issues that affect and impact on the sexual decision and choices that young people make. This magazine is intended both for individual use, as well as supplementary teaching material on HIV/AIDS. It includes written stories dealing with a range of relevant life skills issues; true stories and youth voices; full colour photographs; quizzes and interactive questions and key health messages from celebrities acting as role models.

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