Guidelines for comprehensive sexuality education in Ghana

Policies & Strategies
Government of Ghana
33 p.

This is a guide on Comprehensive Sexuality and Reproductive Health Education (CSRHE) in Ghana. It is divided into two main sets of guidelines with modules. The first set of guidelines are meant for in-school CSRHE. It is organised according to grade and age modules, spanning from age 4 to 18 years. They are to be used by teachers from the Kindergarten level to Senior High School level. The second set of guidelines are also meant for Community­ Based CSRHE. The modules are organised by age targeting children, adolescents and young people (ages 6-24 years). The Community-Based CSRHE can be used by stakeholders who offer Reproductive Health Education In communities in Ghana. The purpose of the guidelines is to help teachers and other stakeholders (such as Community-Based Organisations) to provide appropriate training and support for young people.

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