Guidelines on health and safety protocols for reopening of basic education institutions amid Covid-19 pandemic

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education, State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education
43 p.

These guidelines provide clear and actionable guidance on measures for physical re-opening safe operations through prevention, early detection, and control of COVID-19 in educational institutions. The guidelines apply to pre-primary schools, primary, secondary, adult and continuing education centers and teacher training colleges. The intended users of these guidelines include: learners/ trainees, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents/ guardians, communities and partners. Additionally, the guidelines will be implemented in collaboration with the MoH, Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, other line ministries, County Governments, community leaders, religious organizations and other key stakeholders. The recommendations herein will be reviewed from time to time with guidance from Ministry of Health to ensure they align with new information on COVID -19 and global best practices. The hygiene protocols prescribed reinforce existing legal frameworks and will continue to be implemented in education institutions.

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