Life planning education: a handbook for teachers in junior and senior secondary schools

Learning & Teaching Materials
119 p., illus.

This teacher's handbook is the result of several discussions on the use of the life planning curriculum in junior and senior secondary school classes. It is written to support teachers with their planning and delivery of life planning education in the classroom. This handbook consists of seven chapters designed to educate teachers about issues related to HIV and AIDS. These are: 1) Human growth and development; 2) Puberty and adolescence; 3) Sexual abuse; 4) Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) 5) HIV; 6) Gender issues; and 7) Poverty. It is particularly useful for teachers and educators, as it contains a very interesting glossary with a list and definition of medical terms. Chapter 31 (p.79 - 82) focuses mainly on HIV and AIDS providing useful information, such as clear definitions, methods of preventing the effects of HIV and AIDS and risks of contamination.

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