National adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights framework strategy 2014 - 2019

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Social Development
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The National ASRH&R Framework Strategy on ASRH&R is based on a holistic review of the three lead documents (National Report on Factors Associated with Teenage Pregnancy in South Africa (2014), Background Resource Document on the State of ASRH&R in South Africa (2012), Report on Consultative Workshop with Stakeholders on ASRH&R (2012) discussed in section 5) which identified gaps and issues of ASRH&R that deserved further attention. The following cross-cutting priorities have been identified to be addressed through the Framework Strategy: Priority 1 – Increased coordination, collaboration, information and knowledge sharing on ASRH&R activities amongst stakeholders; Priority 2 – Developing innovative approaches to comprehensive SRHR information, education and counselling for adolescents; Priority 3 - Strengthening ASRH&R service delivery and support on various health concerns; Priority 4 – Creating effective community supportive networks for adolescents; and Priority 5 – Formulating evidence based revisions of legislation, policies, strategies and guidelines on ASRH&R. For each priority, objectives have been identified to be pursued by government departments, civil society and development partners.

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