National guidelines for alcohol and substance use prevention and management in basic education institutions

Policies & Strategies
Ministry of Education
52 p.

The National School Health Policy 2018 under noncommunicable diseases commits to support promotion of healthy lifestyles and implementation of interventions to reduce the modifiable risk factors for non-communicable diseases and mental health and their management within the school community. Strategies to achieve this include educating children on the various risk factors and prevention measures for non-communicable diseases; ensuring capacity building and availability of guidelines and standards on promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of persons with mental neurological and substance use disorders. These guidelines are therefore a response to the challenges stated above and seek to provide direction to the basic education subsector on strategies to address alcohol and substance use in learning institutions. The guidelines are organized into four chapters. Chapter one discusses the background, rationale, situational analysis, legal and policy context and justification. Chapter two outlines the goal, objectives, target groups, and the guiding principles. Chapter three provides the thematic areas of implementation and chapter four outlines the implementation framework, including reporting mechanisms.

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