Taking stock of promising approaches in HIV/AIDS and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: What works, why and how. A synthesis of country case studies

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Association for the Development of Education in Africa, ADEA
25 p.
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VIH/SIDA et éducation en Afrique subsaharienne inventaire des approches prometteuses ce qui marche, pourquoi et comment. Une synthèse d'études de cas

As a result of the Johannesburg Biennial Meeting and the Prospective Stock-Taking Review, ADEA invited the African ministries of education to analyze the different interventions they have implemented to control HIV and manage its impact on the sector. The broad objective is then to compile these case studies to identify promising practices, and subsequently share this information with other ministries. This particular study lists country initiatives and explores the interventions already in place to estimate their effectiveness and begin to collect lessons learned.

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