Transitioning of Care and other Services for Adolescents Living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

Policies & Strategies
Arlington, VA
31 p.

As the number of adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV) continues to grow, the need to improve services, policies, and programs intensifies. This technical brief provides guidance for program managers and policymakers in order to develop services for ALHIV and their families/caregivers as they transition toward HIV self-management and adult clinical care. Focusing more specifically on the transitional needs of adolescents vertically infected with HIV, the contents have relevance for those adolescents infected via behavioral routes. Providing a framework for transition, this brief outlines essential care, support, and treatment services to best meet the multiple unique needs of ALHIV. This technical brief also offers promising approaches and outlines a model of adolescent transition of HIV care and other services. Highlighting key principles and recommendations, this brief offers guidance to countries and programs on how to provide the multidisciplinary care, support, and treatment services these adolescents need and deserve.

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