VICH/SPID i obrazovanie. Informacionnyj sbornik dlja specialistov organizacij upravlenija obrazovaniem

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This document is the Tajik version of an adaptable toolkit developed by UNESCO Bangkok in 2002. It was adapted in 2006 during a seminar in Tadkikistan. It aims at promotion of HIV & AIDS education and increasing awareness of the impact of HIV & AIDS on the Education sector. It is intended for people working in the educational field and includes the following chapters: 1) "Basic facts about HIV and AIDS", 2) "Situation regarding HIV and AIDS in the world, in Central Asia and in Tajikistan", 3)"The impact of HIV and AIDS on educational system", 4) "Role of the education system in the fight against HIV and AIDS", 5) "Why young people have to know about HIV and AIDS", 6) "Recommendations on preventive education", 7) "Reduction of risk and vulnerability", 8) "HIV & AIDS and drugs", 9)"Overcoming stigma and discrimination", 10) "Dates, facts and events", 11) "Monitoring and assessment of education programmes on HIV and AIDS prevention", 12) "Possible next steps", 13) "Real situations". In appendix, this toolkit also provides a glossary, a bibliography and legislative & normative documents on HIV and AIDS in Tajikistan.

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