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Journal articles | 2008

Addressing the needs of young adolescents

Worldwide, nearly 10 percent of people are ages 10 to 14, and in developing countries, the percentage is often higher (e.g., Uganda, 16 percent).1 Early adolescence marks a critical time of physical, developmental, and social changes.

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Literature Reviews | 2011

Sports for adolescent girls

Adolescence is a time when gender disparities between boys and girls become more pronounced. While many boys stay focused on school, girls often have more responsibilities at home.

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Journal articles | 2011

Addressing early marriage of young and adolescent girls

Girls in many resource-poor countries often have little choice about whom or when they marry. Orphans and young girls without involved caregivers are particularly vulnerable to early marriage. Early marriage curtails girls’ freedom, isolates them from peers, and ends their education prematurely.

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Journal articles | 2010

Young People Most at Risk for HIV/AIDS

Attention paid to adults most at risk for HIV/AIDS - people who sell sex, those who inject drugs, and men who have sex with men (MSM) - is growing. Unfortunately, the particular needs of young people (ages 10 to 24) in these groups have drawn little focus.