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Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2016

Heads or tails? What young people are telling us about SRE

The Sex Education Forum ran an online survey for 6 weeks, from 2 November 2015 to 10 December 2015. The aim was to find out if young people have learnt about their body, sexual development and consent at school and whether or not their school SRE met their needs in this area.

Advocacy Materials
Advocacy Materials | 2010

Sex and relationships education: still not getting any?

Are you happy with the sex and relationships education you have received? If not, it helps to know what you can do to make a difference in your local area. Read on to learn more about your rights, top tips and other young people like you who have made a difference.

Advocacy Materials
Advocacy Materials | 2011

Parents and SRE: a Sex Education Forum evidence briefing

This evidence briefing sets out the views and experiences of parents in relation to the sex and relationships education (SRE) of their children - both at home and at school. The thoughts and experiences of children and young people about their parents' role in SRE are presented in parallel.