Connect with Respect: preventing gender-based violence in schools. Classroom programme for learners in upper primary and early secondary school (ages 12-15); teacher guide & classroom activities

Toolkits & Guides
UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa
143 p.

This resource provides age-appropriate learning activities on important themes and concepts relating to the prevention of GBV and promotion of respectful relationships. It presents two key tools for teachers. The first is a series of guidance notes for teachers and school leadership on key concepts and issues related to preventing SRGBV. The second provides a structured teaching programme for teachers working with learners in early secondary school. It includes detailed instructions for delivering the learning activities in seven key topic areas: Gender and equality; Gender equality and positive role-models; Awareness of gender-based violence; A focus on school-related gender-based violence; Communication skills for respectful relationships; Skills for people who witness violence; and Help-seeking and peer support skills.

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