The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education in Zimbabwe

Case Studies & Research
180 p.

This report is intended as a resource to several types of users, from those who require broad overviews of the issues, to planners and programme managers who may need more in depth understanding of specific issues and areas. The scope and detail of the report make it important to access the knowledge required in the most efficient way. The following outline of the report and suggestions may assist in this. A short Executive Summary provides an overview summary of findings and key recommendations and is likely to be useful to all readers. A second, relatively comprehensive Extended Summary is intended as an introduction for readers who need to have a somewhat more detailed understanding of the issues and to identify those they wish to explore further, as well as an easy reference for general use. The Main Text of the report is intended for people involved in specific areas of the HIV/AIDS response who can focus on specific sections of most relevance to their activities, as listed in the table of contents. In each section, key concepts are highlighted in italics at the beginning of bullet points. In addition, key recommendations are included in each of the sub-sections. Further methodological and other technical detail is provided in Annexes.

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