Information. Support. Connection: How are young people engaging with digital spaces to learn about bodies, sex and relationships?

Case Studies & Research
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This research aimed to further shed light on young people’s (aged 10-24) engagement with digital spaces for obtaining information and education about bodies, sex and relationships. The study primarily investigated young people’s engagement with and experience of digital spaces to access sexuality education and information and attempted to answer the following questions: What do we know about young people’s engagement online? What are young people’s preferred sources of information when it comes to bodies, sex and relationships and where do digital spaces rank among these? How are young people using digital devices to access information about bodies, sex and relationships; what platforms/modes of delivery to they prefer and what information are they most likely to trust? How effectively do digital platforms respond to young people’s information needs on matters related to sexuality education and information and do they perceive that information provided online is effective at changing their behaviour? What are the key challenges young people face in accessing information about bodies, sex and relationships online? This report presents the results of a global survey completed by almost 4,000 young people from around the world, as well as a series of focus group discussions carried out in fivecountries. It provides insight into how young people are using digital spaces to find answers to their questions, and their experiences in doing so.

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