Our future: sexuality and life skills education for young people. Grades 8-9

Learning & Teaching Materials
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
150 p.

This toolkit shares the experiences of a project on sexuality and life skills led by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance started in 2003. The toolkit is based on a number of workshops and discussions with teachers and students. Throughout the development of the toolkit, students contributed questions, stories, problem letters and pictures. The result is a series of three books developed with teachers and learners in Grades 4 to 9 from 14 schools in the Chipata District of Zambia. It involved collaboration between the Zambian Ministry of Education, Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia and the NGO You, Happy, Healthy and Safe. The toolkit was field-tested in classroom sessions. The activities in the toolkit foster the virtues and skills needed by young people to develop caring and loving relationships, make good decisions, solve problems and seek help. All three books are accompanied by a teacher's guide. The purpose of this document is to support educators to provide clear and factual information about puberty, friendship, gender, sexuality, pregnancy, STIs, HIV and AIDS, and drug use to young people in and out of school. The toolkit is composed of a series of three books for Grades 4 to 9. Each book addresses the topics of working together safely, children's rights, growing up, STIs and understanding HIV and AIDS, among other topics. Book 3 for Grades 8 to 9 develops the topics of friendship, love, marriage, sexuality and pregnancy. The toolkit is user-friendly and includes many learning activities and illustrations.

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