Policy and institutional frameworks: mainstreaming adolescent reproductive health (ARH) and gender in HIV/AIDS programs: examples from Ethiopia and Uganda

Case Studies & Research
World Bank
85 p.

This document is divided into six parts (Part I-VI). Part I covers (a) the study background including objectives, methodologies and activities; and (b) an overview of the HIV situation among young people and adolescents in the Africa region. Part II and III present key findings from Ethiopia and Uganda, including a review of policies and the institutional environment in both countries in regards to gender, youth, ARH and HIV/AIDS. Part IV includes key findings of six country assessments of youth issues in the Multi-Sector Programs on HIV/AIDS of the World Bank. Part V identifies approaches to gender, youth, ARH and HIV/AIDS that are working. Part VI summarizes conclusions and policy recommendations presented as promising approaches, gaps and challenges to policy implementation. The annexes and a bibliography conclude the report.

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