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22 p., illus.

A story of a couple; Shahid and Zeenat who get information about HIV/AIDS through a television drama. Zeenat, the wife, is a Matriculate, and Shahid her husband, though not highly educated, is a hard working farmer. Before their marriage, he used to enjoy life in the company of his friends. After his marriage, Shahid settled down to family life and proved himself to be a good husband. Through a T.V. advertisement, Zeenat comes to know that loss of weight and persistent fever are symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Shahid used to work hard in the fields, and usually looked tired and sick, after coming back. One day, Zeenat, worried about the health of her husband, asks Shahid to go for a medical check up, and accompanies him to the doctor. She suspects that her husband might be infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. However, after a blood test, the Doctor declares both of them to be medically fit. They are blessed with a daughter in the course of time. This informative story has been prepared by the Sindh Education Foundation Pakistan, Karachi.

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