We all benefit: an introduction to the Whole School Approach for sexuality education

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76 p.

This guide describes in practical steps how Rutgers applied the implementation model: The Whole School Approach for sustainable and scalable implementation of sexuality education in (primary and secondary) schools. The whole school approach is an effective way to improve sustainability of sexuality education at schools. It involves the whole school staff, teachers, parents, health workers and community leaders. Despite social and cultural barriers from the side of the community, parents and even health providers, the school management, supported by the district officials, showed a strong motivation to continue with this approach. As a result of the whole school approach young people feel safer at school these days, girls are not being mocked by boys anymore for being in their periods. Students have gained the confidence to approach teachers to share their personal problems. Now schools have reached out to the health providers for cooperation, it has become easier for both young people and health providers to find each other for consultation and advice.

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