West and Central Africa Commitment for educated, healthy and thriving adolescents and young people: “Listen, Understand, Act”; situation analysis

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Engagement de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre pour des adolescents et des jeunes éduqués, en bonne santé et épanouis, « écouter, comprendre, agir» ;analyse de la situation

The West and Central Africa (WCA) region has a growing population of adolescents and young people. This population represents an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the demographic dividend if they are educated, healthy and thriving. However, major obstacles, including lack of access to quality education and high dropout rates, gender-based violence, and early and unintended pregnancies, must be overcome to achieve this. Addressing these needs is a priority of the African Union's Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals on health, education, and gender equality. This report presents data on the status of adolescents and youth in WCA with respect to key indicators affecting their well-being. The thematic areas covered are education, health, and gender equality. The West and Central Africa Commitment for Educated, Healthy, and Thriving Adolescents and Young People will be a critical catalyst for unlocking resources, fostering cross-sectoral collaboration, and developing effective education programs and health services that will drive the region's development toward the shared vision of a prosperous African continent.

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