Webinar | 02 Apr 2020
Webinar: Global School Health and Development: Starting with the Facts


Date: 22 April 2020


  • Deepika Mehrish Sharma, Nutrition Specialist-Lead on School-Age Children & Adolescents, UNICEF
  • Dan Laitsch, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University
  • Emilie Sidaner, Coordinator, UNESCO Initiaitve on School Health & Nutrition

A long history that is somewhat short on basic facts. This could be one description of school-based and school-linked promotion of educational success, health and development at the global level. Despite decades of work and research we find ourselves, at the start of the UN Sustainable Development Goals process, without many facts on the status of the core policies, education, services and social/physical conditions in schools. This session will present the framework and key questions being prepared in a fact-finding survey and collection/analysis  of policy/curriculum documents that will help to fill the gap in our knowledge. Participants will be invited to comment on both draft instruments and to become involved in an International Research Network that will encourage research and further analysis from the survey/document analysis.