Ireland. Department of Education and Skills

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Programme Reports & Evaluations | 2017

Lifeskills survey 2015: report on survey findings

The findings from the 2015 Lifeskills Survey highlight, as in the 2009 and 2012 surveys, the very good work that schools do to equip their students with a range of essential Lifeskills; including physical activity and healthy eating, aspects of Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) and Rel

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2016

Promotion of healthy lifestyles in primary schools

This circular focuses on the importance of physical activity and healthy eating. It is acknowledged that mental and psychological well-being are a key part of healthy lifestyles. Schools support these through their work on anti-bullying and the SPHE curriculum.

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2013

Anti-bullying procedures for primary and post primary schools

The purpose of these procedures is to give direction and guidance to school authorities and school personnel in preventing and tackling school-based bullying behaviour amongst its pupils and in dealing with any negative impact within school of bullying behaviour that occurs elsewhere.