Accelerating the education sector response to HIV/AIDS in Africa: a review of World Bank assistance

Programme Reports & Evaluations
Washington DC
World Bank
44 p.

This report examines World Bank financing for the Education Sector HIV/AIDS Response in Sub-Saharan Africa up to mid-2004. The review was undertaken in response to a consultation with African countries which identified a need for information on how the World Bank education sector was responding to the epidemic through its sectoral assistance programs and through its participation in the Multi-Country HIV/AIDS Program (MAP). Documents and data were reviewed, and key informants interviewed. There are four key findings of the review. (1) There is a need to increase significantly World Bank assistance for the education sector response to HIV/AIDS, from both the MAP and education sector sources. (2) The perception that MAP funding is substituting for education sector funding of the HIV/AIDS response is not supported by the evidence. (3) Successful MAP disbursement to education followed the development of a strong education sector response which was associated with national commitment, motivated and knowledgeable task team leaders, and specialized technical assistance for program preparation. (4) Lack of strong National HIV/AIDS Commission (NAC) involvement in the education sector is still a major challenge to the successful implementation of education sector activities through the MAP processes. The review offers recommendations for countries and donors, and specifically for the World Bank.

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