Checkmating HIV and AIDS: Using chess to break the silence in the classroom

Case Studies & Research
9 p.
Periodical title
Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS, 9, Supplement 1, 2012, pp. 28-36

In this article, the author gives an account of his ‘Checkmating HIV&AIDS’ action research project, which was an attempt to break the ‘culture of silence’ concerning HIV&AIDS and sex and sexuality in his classroom. In this project, he focused specifically on one code of sport, namely chess, and he points out and discusses the potential of using chess as an educational tool in addressing HIV&AIDS. It was found that learners enjoy playing chess and that it can be used in the Life Orientation classroom to promote HIV&AIDS awareness. This type of alternative awareness is relevant as learners in most schools were becoming fatigued by HIV&AIDS information overload. The project portrays the role of the teacher as a researcher and critical change agent in an HIV&AIDS-challenged society.

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