Current Research and Good Practice in HIV and AIDS Treatment Education

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48 p.

This paper on Current Research and Good Practice in HIV and AIDS Treatment Education was written for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for presentation at a Technical Consultation in Paris, France 22-23 November 2005. This paper describes current research and field experiences related to HIV and AIDS treatment education undertaken with individuals and communities and focuses on a select number of treatment education programmes that are currently underway in Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, and Zambia. The paper also discusses a treatment literacy intervention evaluated in the United States. These programmes in Africa and Asia were selected because they represent a range of treatment education and adherence support interventions that target individuals and/or communities in developing countries, where documentation has been more limited. The paper highlights some of the successes of these programmes and identifies the gaps and problems experienced while conducting treatment education. The document is divided into 4 chapters: 1) The Importance of Treatment Education; 2) Individual and Community Treatment Education Initiatives; 3) Gaps and Challenges for Treatment Education; and 4) Effectiveness of Treatment Education.

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