GAGE virtual research toolkit: qualitative research with young people on their covid-19 experiences

Toolkits & Guides
Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence
15 p.

This toolkit provides an overview of the virtual qualitative research tools that the GAGE programme is using in order to understand young people’s experiences under Covid-19. The tools focus on young people’s knowledge, beliefs and behavioural responses in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and diverse and evolving state responses to the virus. They also aim to explore the impact of Covid-19 on six capability areas: education and learning; health, nutrition and sexual and reproductive health; psychosocial well-being; economic empowerment; voice and agency; and bodily integrity. The Covid-19 pandemic has created exceptional circumstances to which research activities have to adapt, both from a methodological and an ethical point of view. Accordingly, this toolkit also reflects on lessons learned that can inform the efforts of others engaged in virtual data collection.

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