HIV and AIDS in education: a resource manual for inspectors and advisory teachers

Toolkits & Guides
National Institute for Educational Development, NIED
87 p.

School inspection and advisory support is the "sin qua non" for ensuring quality in education. Inspection and advisory support is often limited to monitoring implementation of the school curriculum and education policies, and rarely are inspection fi ndings used to inform the preparation of staff development strategies and school improvement programmes. As inspectors and advisory teachers, we should become aware of the major current trends and emergent areas of special concern in education. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, a pandemic that is spreading around the world every day. Schools are key settings for educating children about HIV and AIDS and for halting the further spread of HIV infection. Success in carrying out this function depends upon reaching children and young adults in time to reinforce positive health behaviours and alter the behaviours that place young people at risk.The success of the prevention education programmes depends heavily on the knowledge, attitudes, values, skills and commitment of its implementers-inspectors of education and advisory teachers (subject advisors). This manual was prepared for inspectors of education and advisory teachers (subject advisors) as a resource to help them analyse basic information, core messages and issues related to HIV and AIDS. This manual contains the basic facts and information needed in the acquisition of knowledge and development of attitudes, skills and practices related to prevention and control of HIV and AIDS.

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