HIV prevention in the era of expanded treatment access

Policies & Strategies
Gates Foundation
23 p., charts., graphs.

This report was published by the Global HIV Prevention Working Group, a panel of experts from various fields convened by the Gates Foundation and the Kaiser Foundation. Its intended audience is composed of policy makers, program managers and donors. However, its explanation of the risks associated with expanded treatment access is informative to anyone concerned with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The report contains an executive summary, an explanation of the prevention-treatment dynamics, information from studies and conclusions with four major recommendations. There are a few illustrative graphs and a page dedicated to the unique needs of key populations (young people, women and injecting drug users). The major premise of the report is that greater access to antiretroviral treatment (ART) can alter and reduce people's perception of risk associated with HIV. This work asserts that aggressive prevention strategies must be paired with treatment, otherwise new infections could increase. The four recommendations are: integrate HIV prevention and treatment, deliver prevention for HIV-positive people, adapt prevention for HIV-negative people and fund a comprehensive response.

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