HIV/AIDS. Reorienting teacher education to address sustainable development: guidelines and tools

Toolkits & Guides
UNESCO Office Bangkok
39 p.

This manual is designed for teacher educators and teachers looking for practical guidelines and tools to incorporate HIV/AIDS into their curriculum based on a theoretical three-day workshop to enable them to learn about: How HIV/AIDS is and is not spread; The difficulties in teaching young people about sex and drugs; Why it is important to teach this topic; Techniques to teach this subject. Given that teacher educators and teachers come from a range of countries, the materials in this manual have not been designed for any particular country and therefore can be adapted to the trainers' own setting. The manual encourages the trainers to use HIV/AIDS materials which have been created for their own culture as far as possible to support the ones provide in this manual. The manual consists of three parts: A timetable for a three-day workshop including times, titles, objectives; The trainers' manual - annotated step-by-step description of what to do at each interval; Resource materials.

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