HIV/AIDS: What about very young children?

Case Studies & Research
6 p.
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Findings, 2

Findings gives snapshots of current research and debate in key areas of health communication and development. Findings aim to inform development practitioners and policy makers and to stimulate critical reflection. This issue is a study of situation of very young children (0-9). Around one third are orphaned due to AIDS. Initiatives to prevent mother to child transmission are showing some success. In programming there is an overt focus on orphans and vulnerable children and on preventing mother to child transmission. Much less attention is paid to those young children who are living with ill and dying mothers and fathers. HIV/AIDS and development strategies are inclined to provide services for older children and youth and ignore the very young age group. Recognising the lasting impact of both positive and negative experiences in the early years, some early childhood development organisations are starting to address the impact of HIV/AIDS on children under eight.

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