Home truths: facing the facts on children, AIDS and poverty. Final report of the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS

Case Studies & Research
Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS, JLICA
84 p.
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Des vérités qui dérangent: enfants, sida et pauvreté. Rapport final de l'Initiative conjointe de recherche sur les enfants et le VIH/sida (JLICA)

The Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS (JLICA) is an independent, time-limited alliance of researchers, implementers, activists, policy-makers, and people living with HIV. Its goal is to improve the well-being of children, families, and communities affected by HIV and AIDS by producing actionable, evidence-based recommendations for policy and practice. JLICA has worked to: generate and mobilize evidence to strengthen children's outcomes; expand space for new thinking across disciplinary, sectoral, and geographical lines; advance action through recommendations and advocacy; facilitate linkages among bodies of knowledge, communities, and institutions engaged in children's well-being in the context of AIDS. JLICA's research activities have been conducted by four thematic Learning Groups: Learning Group 1: Strengthening Families; Learning Group 2: Community Action; Learning Group 3: Expanding Access to Services and Protecting Human Rights; Learning Group 4: Social and Economic Policies.

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