The impact of HIV/AIDS on the schooling of female students in Addis Ababa

Case Studies & Research
Addis Ababa
International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa, IICBA
38 p.

In Ethiopia, in 2003, 2.9 million adults and 250 000 children are living with HIV/AIDS. About 90% of the reported AIDS cases are between the age 20 and 49 and this age group is among the productive sector. However, research has revealed (UNESCO Prospect Vol. XXXIII No. 2 June, 2002) that education about sex, AIDS and health in general particularly with children and young people, does not result in increased sexual activity but, on the contrary, leads to protective behaviour. The objectives of this study are as follows: 1. To identify the infected female students and the reasons why they become HIV carriers, 2. To sift out the problems they have encountered, 3. To find out the solutions to the problems and make appropriate suggestions. The case study focuses on seven high school girl students who are HIV positive.

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