Keep the best, change the rest. Participatory tools for working with communities on gender and sexuality

Toolkits & Guides
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
95 p.

This document is a toolkit developed by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in 2007.It aims to support community groups to work in a practical and thorough way on improving understanding and relationships between women and men. Through this, it aims to promote sexual well-being, strengthen communities and help to prevent HIV. This toolkit is aimed at individuals and organisations that support communities to address HIV and AIDS and related issues. Examples include training organisations, NGOs, and organisations implementing interventions in communities. The majority of the tools involve community members holding discussions, doing role-plays or using the ground, sticks, stomes and everyday objects. This toolkit contains 5 sections: A) "Gender, sexuality and vulnerability", B) "Sex and relationships", C) "Sexual violence", D) "Working together", and E) "Making a plan". It is recommended to use the toolkit in the order that it is presented, going through sections A to E to identify and explore issues and then deciding how to work together and what action to take.

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