Manual for reducing drug-related harm in Asia

Toolkits & Guides
Fairfield, Victoria
Centre for Harm Reduction, The Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research
359 p.

A valuable resource for advocators and implementors of programmes that stop HIV and other harms among injecting drug users (IDUs) in Asia. The background to these programmes is presented in three chapters explaining drug use and HIV vulnerability; the rationale for harm reduction; and the integration of three approaches to the control of drug use. The next nine chapters establish guidelines for designing, implementing and monitoring programmes targeted at IDUs. These cover rapid situation assessments; establishing and sustaining a programme; working with the community and other sectors; education in drug-related harm reduction programmes; injecting safely; drug substitution; sexual and mother-child transmission of HIV/AIDS; counselling and testing; and behaviours with increased risks of contracting HIV/AIDS. Appendices include information about blood-borne viruses, drugs and their actions, and various sexually transmitted diseases.

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