Ministry of Education Policy on HIV/AIDS Education

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Ministry of Education
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The HIV/AIDS Education Policy of the Ministry of Education was developed as part of the national response to the epidemic. The Ministry has a major responsibility to reduce the spread of HIV infection by addressing HIV/AIDS in its education programmes. This is done through infusion/integration of HIV/AIDS issues in the school curriculum and related training of the teaching force. The key aim is to equip all with skills, to develop attitudes and practices to curb the spread and manage HIV/AIDS. This task is not an easy one for the teacher, particularly in our socio-cultural context where discussion on sex related issues is a taboo.In accordance with Recommendation 45 of the Revised National Policy on Education, a post has been created within the Education Officer cadre to coordinate development and implementation of HIV/AIDS control and education programme. Efforts are being made to network the Ministry of Education HIV/AIDS programme with other programmes such as the National AIDS Control Programme. This, we hope, will strengthen our programmes and ensure acceptability and sustainability.An infusion and integration approach for HIV/AIDS education has been adopted by the Ministry. This will provide reinforcement of concepts on HIV/AIDS across all subject areas. The approach will also give every teacher a chance of guiding pupils appropriately.

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