National standards for youth friendly health services: project on "prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people in Bangladesh"

Policies & Strategies
National AIDS/STD Programme
Save the Children USA
58 p.

This document demonstrates the policy and programmatic basis for national standard development on youth friendly health services (YFHS) and to understand standard driven quality improvement. Criteria for each standard statement and implication for action to improve quality at national and divisional level has been stated in this document. Monitoring tools and frequency of data collection also were illustrated based on input and process criteria. It is anticipated that this document will guide policy and program planners to develop and implement YFHS in Bangladesh country context. The intended beneficiaries of the initiative are all young people (10-24 years) in Bangladesh. In addition, particular attention will be paid to the following groups of young people who are more likely to face health and social problems: Working young people (e.g. domestic workers & garment workers); Mobile young people (e.g. truck drivers/helpers); Students who reside away from their families (e.g. college hostels); School dropouts; Young people who are married. Various stakeholders can use this document, including: Policy/decision makers at all levels; Program managers, service providers and supervisors at all levels in the government, non-government, and private sectors; Development partners.

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