One in two: children are the key to Africa's future

Case Studies & Research
Save the Children
36 p.

Children make up half the population of many African countries, and the proportion is growing. Yet, when it comes to decisions about Africa's problems and its future, they are rarely central to the debate. The role of protecting the poorest and most vulnerable children is left to the poorest government ministries. The poorest families are forced to pay for - or go without - healthcare for their children. And nearly half of all children fail to finish primary school. In 2005, these are shocking facts. And, although there is broad agreement about what is needed - more and better aid, fairer trade and debt relief - donors, international financial institutions and governments have failed to deliver for Africa's children. In this report, Save the Children argues that any attempts to turn around Africa's fortunes will continue to fail unless children are recognised as the key entry point for reducing poverty and creating a secure future for generations to come.

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