Orphan assistance in South Africa: Developing partnerships and leadership in a new paradigm for community care

Programme Reports & Evaluations
55 p.

This report documents an assessment of UNICEF Programming in South Africa for Children and Children Affected by HIV/AIDS. This was in response to the publication of Children on the Brink which represent Ted a "wake up call" for the international development community on several levels. Following this report, UNICEF Headquarters' management team decided to evaluate and intensify its programming efforts in this area. The CINDI Conference (June 10-12, 1998) represented an opportunity for UNICEF's country and headquarter staff to look at the accomplishments of this pilot programme development for children affected by HIV/AIDS, interview South African leaders, gather information on programming in neighbouring countries. In addition, during the remaining part of the visit, the consultants and UNICEF/South Africa staff discussed opportunities for expanded programming with NGO staff, other UN agencies, and bilateral donors operating in South Africa, and reviewed extensive literature and documentation on the issue.

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