A possible future of HIV and AIDS management in the school education sector in South Africa

Case Studies & Research
Stellenbosch University
41 p.

In South Africa HIV and Aids threaten the world of education if one only looks at prevalence rates. Approximately 5,41 million people in the country are living with HIV and Aids, of whom 257900 are children up to the age of 14. In a survey done by HSRC and the MRC about the health of South Africa's educators it was determined that the HIV prevalence among this group, across provinces age groups, gender and race, is about 12,7%. The education sector, which could in fact be a powerful weapon against HIV and AIDS, is particularly affected by the pandemic as it impacts the demand as well as the supply side. In addition to this, the pandemic affects the availability of resources for education, the potential clientele, the process, contents and role of education, the organization of schools, planning and management in the education system as well as donor support.

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