A review of scientifically evaluated good practices of preventing and reducing bullying at school in the EU Member States

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Trinity College Dublin
302 p.

The stated ‘general objectives’ set by the European Commission for the ‘Review of Scientifically Evaluated Good Practices on Preventing and Reducing Bullying at School in the EU Member States’ outlined that the contractor should: ‘gather statistical data on the situation on bullying at school in the 15 Member States over the last decade (1990 – 2002)’; ‘describe current crime prevention and intervention policies in Member States targeted at reducing or preventing bullying at school. What are the important and innovative elements of the various crime prevention policies?’; 'synthesise the existing published and non-published empirical evidence on the preventative and reducing effects of programmes and interventions targeted at bullying at school’. In order to meet these ends, the bulk of this report comprises three large chapters. Chapter Two (‘Trends in Bullying at School in the EU Member States (1990 – 2002)’) has been written with the fulfilment of the first of the three general objectives outlined immediately above in mind. Chapter Three (‘Current Crime Prevention and Intervention Policies Targeted at Reducing or Preventing Bullying at School’) and Four (‘An Inventory of Existing Published and Non-published Empirical Evidence on the Preventive and Reducing Effects of Programmes and Interventions Targeted at Bullying at School’) have been written in order to fulfil the second and third of these general objectives respectively.

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