Secondary school curriculum: forms 1-3: health and family life education

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education
141 p.

This "Secondary school curriculum" is the national curriculum guide for teachers at secondary schools. It is the result of seven years of development and revision activity approved and edited by the Ministry of Education in 2009. The main goal of the manual is to provide main assistance for development and implementation of instructional programs at the school and classroom levels. The document has a direct focus on an integrated approach to curriculum delivery, in which the teacher is not unduly restricted by the subject content. The list of references should provide teachers with the relevant background for lesson planning. The manual addresses four Family Health and Life HFLE themes as: Self and Interpersonal Relationships; Eating and Fitness; Sexuality and Sexual Health and Managing the Environment. Each theme is developed in topics and sub-topics. HIV and Aids education is introduced within the Sexuality and Sexual Health Unit, more precisely, the Sexually Transmitted Diseases sub-topic. The curriculum is divided into 2 main parts: Part 1 provides the general overview of curriculum background, philosophy, outcomes, core subjects and their implementation. Part 2 develops each subject with its specific outcomes, strategies, and sample activities.

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